Indie Game Olympics

This year's festival will include the inaugural Indie Game Olympics where delegates will have the chance to compete against each other, playing new games from some of the UK's most established, and emerging, development studios.

A range of prizes and awards await those that can achieve the highest combined score across the 9 games, making this live playtest an invaluable opportunity for studios wanting to get their games noticed. In classic button mashing style, games have been selected based on their arcade feel and addictive nature, ensuring that this year's expo floor is buzzing from the moment the doors open.

It's simple...

- Collect your entry tokens at registration
- Have up to 3 attempts at each of the 9 games at any point during the 2 days - Your highest score is recorded
- Vote for your favourite game so we can find the Game of the Show
- At the end of the 2 days we will calculate the winners and award prizes!

Space Fort

Demon Apathy


Defend your space station at all costs! Shoot down the incoming hordes of enemy spaceships by tapping on them in blind rage, before they crash into your Space Fort.

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Table Mini Golf

Four Door Lemon


Play through three different themed mini golf courses on your table top in this augmented reality crazy golf game! Finish the holes in as stylish way as possible as well as getting the best score!

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Victory At Sea

Evil Twin Artworks

In Victory at Sea you begin as a naval Captain in World War 2. Your job is to hunt down the enemy, protect allied convoys, organise hit and run attacks and watch your own story unfold as you travel across the Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean theatres of war. Gaining notoriety and ranks you will end up commanding a fleet of ships in this unique take on strategy battle simulations.

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Chainsaw Warrior

Auroch Digital


It's the year 2032 and spatial warping has opened a hole into another dimension in the heart of Manhattan intent on dragging New York back into the warp. All that remains is a single hope: a shadowy ex-special forces soldier known only as 'Chainsaw Warrior'. Only an hour remains to save New York from the darkness! First published as a solo boardgame in 1987, it has been updated, translated and re-engineered for the digital generation by Auroch Digital on iOS, Android, Steam and other platforms.

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Neon Caves

Force Of Habit


Explore the Neon Caves. Stabilise them. Use the anchor to lock in to position. Blast away the living inhabitants. Gain combos. Get out alive.

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Monster Hotel

XMPT Games


Monster Hotel is a fast -paced arcade game in which you must look after a hotel with a variety of very unusual guests! The inhabitants of Monster Hotel can be a fickle bunch, and keeping them sweet is going to be difficult. Watch out for unhappy guests and use the touch-screen to drag them into different rooms that satisfy their needs - shuffle your monsters around to keep them all happy. The better you do the harder it gets!

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Mech Mania

Infinite Playground

Mech Mania is a collection of multiplayer arcade mini-games for one to four players online, over a LAN or on the same device using a shared screen. Play against up to four other humans or against our well trained bots! The game is reminiscent of multiplayer classics such as Bomberman and Micromachines with an emphasis on fun with simple game rules and controls. All of the game modes are adversarial and may encourage the use of the controller as an offensive weapon against fellow players when using a shared screen.

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Brake To Win

Interactive Systems Studio

An exclusive ExPlay edition of BrakeToWin for iOS. No steering required but a fine balance of brake and boost to power through the corners and get the fastest time around the track and top the leader-board. Just don't total your vehicle! This track designed specifically for the ExPlay festival gives players a taste of the BrakeToWin project that is currently under development at the Interactive Systems Studio, Plymouth.

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Half-Inch Heist Turbo

Mutant Labs


The evil Dr Puss has stolen a priceless diamond, and only you can get it back! Venture into the depths of Dr Puss' security vault and test your mettle as you dodge his deadly army of enemies, hell-bent on making sure you never leave with the diamond alive. Use the power of the Leap Motion Controller to help you survive the onslaught, using it's unique Z-Axis to charge your shields and boost your score. Half-Inch Heist is not for the faint hearted - only the hardiest of diamond thieves will survive...

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